Sunday, December 16, 2007

Here was our first attempt at meeting the scary bearded man!Next day we decided to go back for a little more fun with a different scary bearded man!
Thanksgiving dinner

Saturday, December 1, 2007

This is the famous Slickrock trail. People come from all over the world to bike slickrock. The name is a little confusing because on a bike the rock isn't slick. Your tires stick to it enabling you to ride stuff you never thought possible.
See little ole betsy down there?
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Just some more great views on the trail.

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Wow, I never knew I looked so good in spandex!! What a view.
Just one more view on the trail. This might be a good time to add that you may notice there are no pictures of me biking. Apparently I assume the role as photographer while recreating. Unfortunately because of this I have no proof of the amazing feats I did while biking. Oh I wish Nate or Seth were w/ me, they would take pictures of me, I just know it!

Betsy w/ the Colorado river behind her.
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So Betsy, Betsy's sister Jen, her friend Erika, and myself spent 3 days in Moab, UT mountain biking the week of Thanksgiving. It was a blast. Sometimes after being away from mountain biking we forget how much we love it. This was a good reminder of how much fun we have doing it. Betsy and I are also very lucky that we both enjoy it so much.
This is the beginning of the Porcupine rim trail. It apparently is a 15.6 mile trail the way we rode it. It is really one of the very best mountain biking trails. It was awesome. I should put a plug in for Jen. She did a great job, and got the most improved biker award of the trip.

Betsy and her sister Jen (in case you couldn't tell they are sisters. The town of Moab is nestled down way behind them in the valley

Betsy riding a rough spot. Unfortunately pictures didn't really capture the degree of some of the stuff we were riding so you'll just have to take our word for it. Believe it or not, a couple of years ago we saw a 1 legged man (without a prosthetic) riding the trail. We have no idea how, but we never saw him again after he rode by us!!
Just one of the many fantastic views on the trail. In the background behind those red rocks is the Colorado river.
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These are pictures of our little Giraffe at our Halloween party. As you can tell Mom and Dad didn't have time to dress up.

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