Sunday, May 25, 2008

So our son has become quite the little pouter. This was because mom wouldn't
let him pet the elephant. I don't know why, I mean a 6 ton elephant seems like a perfectly
safe animal for a 26 pound boy to pet. Oh well, he got over it.
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Lucas has really likes to stand on things. He is always so proud of himself whenever he has conquered a new height. As you can tell on the left picture, he's putting Dads scriptures to good use.

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Dad and Lucas after a nice bike ride. Lucas is helping Dad train for his races this summer.
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Lucas and Betsy's Grandma. Thats awfully nice of great grandma to have a walker so she can use it as a
stroller for Lucas.
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Lucas watching General Conference. He's very spiritual.
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This was Lucas's first date with Liberty Wilkins. They went for a run with us and
really loved it as you can tell. We think of it as a good chance for the kids to get outside,
I don't know if they enjoy it as much as we would like.
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This is my Grandma and Lucas. Grandma came out with my mom for
Lucas's Birthday. It was so fun to have both of them there. Thanks
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So I know these are a little outdated, but I had to include these. On our way to Salt Lake City
for Christmas, we found out that our good friends, Jacob, Rachel, and Aedan, were on the
plane with from Kansas City to Denver. Our plane leaving Kansas City was so late (there
was a terrible ice storm) that we missed our plane in Denver. So we spent the night
in the airport with our friends. Jacob and I watched Lonesome Dove on my IPOD until
the battery died. Rachel and Betsy snuggled with Lucas under my coat. Jacob eventually tuckered out and slept with Aedan. Anyways this was quite a memory maker for us, and thought we would include you all in this. Hope you can appreciate this in the middle of Spring. Sleeping was very difficult due to the fact that it felt like they turned the heat off.
Also, they thought that the floor needed vacuuming right where we were sleeping. Anyways it was great fun, and we were sure glad to have our good friends with us.

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