Thursday, October 30, 2008

Isn't our boy cute!! This was probably one of my first days of rotations. I started my 3rd year of medical school which consists of mainly 4 week rotations with different doctors and different specialties. So far I have done Surgery and am 1 week into my second Family Practice rotation. It is so much fun!! I love it. It is so nice to have the support and love of my wife and Lucas. They are so much fun to come home to.

I was able to do some great Mtn Biking with my friend Seth this summer. I had to take a picture of him pushing his bike up Cardiac hill. He is a great mtn biker with endless climbing endurance. But I climbed it and he didn't!!! I guess to be fair I should mention he was riding a single speed, which he still is usually able to climb anything on. But this was a super long climb. Can't wait to get you back Seth!!

Betsy and I were talking at the dinner table and next thing we knew we didn't hear Lucas and so this is what we saw when we looked over on the couch.

Ok, so this is not that interesting I confess. But I had to post something of my races. I had a blast this summer (unfortunately Betsy couldn't do these races with me, but next year we'll be able to do them together). These are pictures of the swim portion of one of the Xterra races I did. This one was a 1 mile lake swim, 18 miles of mtn biking and 6 mile trail run. It was awesome. I am hooked and can't wait for next year. I (along w/ Betsy's sister Jen) did one above Boulder on our way out west as well. It wasn't as long, but very grueling as the elevation was over 8500 feet which was a difference of 7500 feet for me and 8500 feet for Jen. So that made it very challenging alone. Over all they were so much fun. I also finished my first marathon in October w/ a time of 4:03. I was very happy and fortunate to be able to run most of it with my friends Trever and Ryan. Unfortunately we missed Nate (injured) and Lexi (my sister in law who tried it knowing she was injured, but was unable to finish due to injury. She gave a valiant effort in which most of us wouldn't even have attempted). Well thanks for letting me share with you some of my summer. Betsy took very few pictures as you can see, her claim was that she wanted to cheer for me instead of focus on pictures. And they were so darn expensive to order from the event photographer, and Betsy wouldn't let me screen clip them and post them on the blog (something about copyright). So this is all that I have. Betsy and Lucas were troopers throughout all of the races and sacrificed alot to support me. I have the BEST family.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


After much anticipation, we are happy to announce that Betsy has finally finished her NEW WEBPAGE! Please check it out at , we like it and hope that you will also.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Do you think our little boy needs a haircut??