Sunday, March 2, 2008

Here are the wonderful first B-day pictures

here is the picture of his basketball cake that forever more will haunt himSo in the beginning he cried a little when we stuck on his B-day hat but he soon got over that and began to think the hat and the singing was pretty cool
so we sang
look at our happy boy. OK mesmerized boy
see look at the picture. You can see that look in the eye. Should I blow out the candle should I not
We'll I guess he decided not! So he reached quickly (I might add) for the candle and mom was just a little to slow and now he hates the very site of Basketball birthday cakes

So an hour later we tried it all again, and the horror filled his screeching cry.
So of course we gave the cake thing two days hoping all the bad memories would fade, but no, he cried the second we put the cake in front of him