Friday, March 27, 2009

Ok! So to the few faithful bloggers who are willing to check this post time and time again and to no avail any post. This evening Jory and Lucas are on a father son outing and Lily is asleep, so here I am posting.
We'll here are the two kiddos aren't they cute! Lucas is such a sweet boy and Lily is beginning to Giggle, what could be better then this! So I have recently leased an awesome space for a studio, now all I need are clients, miner detail. So all these photos were taken in the studio. It was an old lumber mill, high wood beamed ceilings and stained cement floors. I have all but chucked my strobes in the trash and have started shooting all window light how fun. And the bonus is I can't work nights, no light no shoot.

The boats are courtesy of Krista & Diego aren't they fun.

Look at my baby's eyes. She's a Nicoll

Now take note of this awesome backdrop. I have to give a shout out to my talented sister-inlaw Karyn, for painting it for me. It has been so fun to shoot off of. I also have thrown a few images I have shot in my studio this past week. No, these girls are not my long lost children. But they sure were cute!

Take care all of you I will try to be better about post.